Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park
          It is in the west in Gulf of Thailand, Amphur Kuiburi, Khao Sam Roi Yod Subdistrict, Prachuap Khiri Khun. It is the first marine National Park
          and the forth National Park of Thailand in 1966. The geography is steep the complex line mountains, include seashore plains, muddy shores, 
          beaches,shallow Sea There are many lime mountains such as koh Nom Sao, koh Korum, etc. also Thung Sam Roi Yod marsh about 36.8 sq.Km. 
          or 1/4 of National Park area in the west of National Park.

Legend and folktale
          The name "Khao Sam Roi Yod" derived from many reasons such as there are Sam Roi Yod tree or 300 peaks  of mountains but the most people told that a long 
          time ago, a junk sunk from the strom, many people were dead. 300 remainder people lived on island that call "Koh Sam Roi Rod", later the sea level decreased, so 
          that island changed into mountain, Villagers spoke an inaccurate phrase called "Khao Sam Roi Yod", to presume the area of sinking that junk called "Ao Ta Lay 
For the folktale.......Thai event happened at Ao Noi, Prachaup Khiri Khan Province. The beautiful daughter of Mong Lai grandfather and Ram Phung 
          grandmother named Yom Kom. Chao Lai from Phetburi and Chao Krung Jin ask grandgather fot marring with Yom Kom, so grandfather and grandmother quarrel this 
          marriage. Grandfatherwas very angry, so he tore his daughter into 2 sections: First part changed to Koh Nom Sao of Chonburi province in the east; Second part 
          changed to Koh Nom Sao at Ban Bang Pu, Thumbom Sam Roi Yod, Prachuap Khiri Khan in the North.

          Had Sam Phra Ya
          Site: It is in the east of National Park 
          near Headquarters 
Prominent Point: In present 
          Sam Phra Ya beach has beautiful 
          sceneries more than before 
          because National Park improves it 
          better for picnic, taking a rest, food 
          shop, washrooms. etc.Travel: You 
          can drive to park here, far from 
          National Park 5 km., turn right about 
          300 m to reach Had San Phra Ya

     Sai Cave 
     Site: It is situated mear Khung Tanod 
     village far from National Park about 9 
     K.m., You can drive your car to enter 
     the cave near sea Prominent Point:  To 
     climb Sai cave about 280 m, you will 
     find many kinds of plants, indide cace 
     there is a circle path, in danger follow 
     guide boards. This points is 20 m in 
     height, thake a half day for trip.

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          Thung Sam Roi Yod
          Site: It is in the west of Khao Sam Roi 
          Yod National Park between south 
          railway and the groups of Sam Roi 
          Yod Mountains. Prominent Point: 
          This place is a good point for 
          watching variety birds such as 
          ducks,egrets,etc, in 36.8 sq.Km. You 
          will have more fun if you have 
          binoculars, cameras, a telephoto 
          lens. In sunset, it will attract tourist 
          with sceneries, calm.Travel:You can 
          drive to the hill, enter Pu Yai village 
          to up the hill or to Rong 
          Jae(vegetarian food mill) at Rai Mai 
          market.Hiring Boat: Contact at 
          tourism service center of National 

     Phraya Nakorn Cave
     Site: It situates on Had Leam Sala. It is 
     the same way with Had Laem Sala but 
     you should upper more about 430 m, 
     Using an half day you should spen a 
     night at Laem Sala.Prominent Point: 
     There are 3 vast caverns, 2 large 
     sinkholes, the floor where trees have 
     rooted reaching fot the celing, open on 
     10.00 a.m. This cave is discovered by 
     Phraya Nakorn ruled Nakorn Sri 
     Thammarat City and King Rama V 
     built a four-gabled roofed pavillion on a 
     hill in the middle cave, the visit of King 
     Rama V on June 20 th 1890.

                     Samroiyod Pranburi  prachuap khirikhan
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