Fisherman Village
          From Baan Golden you can hire a boat go out to  the sea then go thru small river
          along the mountain cliff of National Park. Visit local fisherman Village, where you
          can see people live their life on the river bank. You also can get fresh seafood
          from local seafood market.
          Khao Dang Viewpoint
          Site: It is far from National Park office about 400 m, stop your car and walk 
          up to hill about 300 m, follow guide boards.
Prominent point: Khao Dang 
          viewpoint is very close with National Park office, take a short time to 
          see sunrise at 5.30 a.m,not allow kto stay on Khao Dang. You should bring 
          flashlight. It has areas about 20-25 persons, 160m in height. We see beaches, 
          village, shrimp farms,

           From Baan golden is only 5 minutes by boat. visit Ko Kolum. (Monkey Island)
          There are over a hundred monkey live on the island. Island is surrounded
          colorful coral reef. It is a good place for snorkelling. Back of island is good for 
          Squid fishing at night
          We have a squid fishing boat, which use spot light to attract the squid to come
          up to surface of the sea then you can fish the squid. Boat departure at night
          about 20.00 p.m. after dinner.

                     Samroiyod Pranburi  prachuap khirikhan
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